Introducing Spaces Unlocked

Publish Date :18 May,2021 - 12:05 PM

Our cities are jam-packed full of some of the most exciting event spaces imaginable. But far too many of these spaces are left unused for a good proportion of the time. And that’s before we even take the Covid-19 pandemic into consideration. Unlocked is here to change this, transforming the way we think about urban and heritage spaces, and making them infinitely more accessible to event managers all over the UK, and beyond.

We’re on a mission to revive the country’s most interesting heritage spaces, bringing them a new lease of life as we develop a range of brand new options for event planners. Our beautiful, historic spaces are currently woefully under-utilised, and it’s about time we did something about it!
We’ve partnered with a whole host of incredible venues, all over the capital, to help make these spaces accessible for events for the first time. From stunning dance halls and theatres, to incredible urban spaces that are just waiting to be discovered, we’ve got some truly show-stopping spaces for you to explore.

Thinking differently about available space

As we approach the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re starting to see the beginnings of a cautious return to large-scale events, from private parties and festivals to corporate events and conferences. While social distancing rules and Covid-19 regulations will certainly still play an important role in deciding how and when such events can go ahead, the future is looking bright for the capital’s event spaces.
Our emergence from the end of a hugely challenging year won’t be without its obstacles, of course, so many event planners are now turning their attention to how best to manage the problems that Covid-19 regulations could continue to pose. In doing so, event managers can start to shift the emphasis from an anxious wait for a full reopening, to an exciting build-up to a season of long-awaited events.
One of the key ways in which we’re helping event managers to facilitate this shift is through our collaboration with venues that have struggled over the past year. We’re here to connect event planners with underutilised event spaces, providing affordable and flexible space for brands and event organisers on demand.
With a focus on flexibility, our aim is simple. We’re thinking differently about what venues are, and what it means to hire space for your event. By diversifying their revenue streams, the venues we work with can ensure that they’re better prepared to deal with future shocks. And event planners have far more spaces at their disposal, enabling them to put on bigger and better events - no matter what the next year throws at them.

The space-time revolution

Think about London event spaces and you’ll probably be conjuring up images of grand, fully-equipped conference venues, blank canvas spaces and historic banqueting halls. But the capital has far more to offer in terms of space, particularly if you’re prepared to look at something a little out of the ordinary.
Too many of us see London as an incredibly busy, expensive city with a real shortage of space. This isn’t really the case. While the capital is home to a huge number of venues and potential event spaces, most of these are left empty for 66% of the time. Office floors are completely unused outside of normal working hours, restaurants are abandoned for at least half of the day, and in areas like the City whole buildings are vacant from Friday evening to Monday morning.
When we start to think about how we could use these venues in a smarter, more efficient way, the answer becomes clear. It’s time to consider how underutilised spaces could be put to use during the hours that they remain empty. Not only would this open up a huge range of exciting new spaces for event planners, it’d also be great news for the spaces themselves, giving them access to what could be an important new revenue stream.

Multi-purpose venues for a post-covid world

We’ve already established partnerships with some hugely exciting event spaces, with more details to be revealed soon. Keep an eye out for details on how you could hire many of London’s most impressive venues, from galleries and museums to theatres and heritage sites.
Whether you’re thinking of turning a church into a nightclub like Julien Macdonald, or transforming a concert hall into a once in a lifetime wild dining event in the style of luxury dinner party planner Wilddineren, you’ll soon be able to do exactly that. Start thinking outside the box and before long you’ll be planning the sort of event your guests can’t stop talking about.

Events after Covid

The events industry is preparing for a post-covid boom, and it’s set to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Forget the roaring 20s, over the next few months we’ll be seeing show-stopping celebrations on a truly unforgettable scale. Watch this space, big things are coming!
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