Christmas Party Trends for 2021

Publish Date :20 Oct,2021 - 3:13 PM

We can't believe it, Christmas is just around the corner. If you haven't already, it's time to start planning your companies festivities. The advent calendars are on the supermarket shelves, so let's also start counting down to the company soiree. It will be here before you know it and time is running out.
The parties are taking place and demand is high, but with Covid still around things are shaping up slightly differently this year. These are the trends that we're seeing:

No More Zoom

After being locked down for so long, many teams haven’t had the chance to socialise in person since January 2020. We are finding that most companies are having this year's Christmas Party in-person. Even though there's some incredible virtual talent and activities out there, most of us are feeling the death by Zoom!

Keep It Intimate

Most of us want to meet in person, but the threat of Covid is still there, particularly in large crowds. For this reason, we are seeing more small to medium size parties taking place. We are finding that for those larger companies, instead of having company wide parties they are hosting several smaller ones for their individual teams. An introvert's dream.

Hands Off The Food

No matter how much we love our colleagues, most of us never liked their fingers all over our food! This year, this really shouldn’t be happening. We’re finding that most bookers are opting for either seated meals or bowl food.

It's All About The Fun!

This year, entertainment and team building bookings have been going through the roof. This is fantastic news for the live entertainers who were hit particularly hard during the pandemic. Adding live entertainment and engaging activities to your Christmas party is the perfect way to get the conversations flowing after so much time apart.  
At Unlocked, we have been taking all of these above trends into account. We know the perfect venues for the smaller gatherings (not just those listed on our site). We know the best, most trustworthy & covid-safe caterers and the most fun and engaging entertainers.  Get in touch for our recommendations, let's get your team meeting in person again, let's make this year's Christmas Party one to remember.