5 Reasons To Escape The Big City For Your Next Event!

Publish Date :16 Dec,2021 - 11:18 AM

At Unlocked we're starting to see more and more enquiries that are seeking event venues that are outside of the UK's major cities. We think this a trend that is going to continue and that the industry is slowly becoming less London Centric which for many years has been a qualm of many suppliers and planners. 

Below we have detailed five key reason that are more relevant than ever for hosting an event outside of the city:


Venues in the city particularly in London come at a premium. Hosting an event in rural locations can come with additional costs such as travel expenses, however so often even with these additional costs the overall event is still more affordable and you can get a lot more bang for your buck.


Incentivising your delegates to attend events in-person is more important than ever now that we all understand that attending events virtually is a viable option. The destination of an event acts as a strong incentive for attending particularly if the event is hosted in a location that your delegates haven’t visited before. It’s more likely that your attendees especially those from outside of the UK haven’t visited most of the UK’s rural destinations.

Covid Safety

With Covid still around and still having an affect on event attendance. It’s important that you make your event as covid safe as possible. The virus is more prominent and transmissible in crowded places, thus avoiding cities is a good idea. Attendees will feel much safer if they don’t have to walk past thousands of people and stand on crowded public transport on their way to your event.

Less Pollution

It’s no secret that our inner cities are a hot bed for pollution with moggy air and noisy streets, it’s not great for our health. Many will appreciate attending an event where they can breathe clean air, escape the noisy city streets and see the stars in the night sky.

Space & Exclusivity

Cities get crowded and the event spaces can be small and cramped particularly when working with a tight budget. The countryside has an abundance of wide open spaces and often the event venues are larger. Not only is this great for covid safety and social distancing, it also opens up the option for more features at your event. Eg; you will have more space for larger production and team building activities. The lower cost and lower demand for rural spaces also means that it’s more likely that you will be able to have the exclusive use of an events venue.

The UK is and has always been a fantastic corporate events destination that attracts a global delegation and we believe there are so many hidden gems to be discovered. Below are three fantastic rural event venues that we recommend:

The Wellbeing Farm

An award winning, unique and sustainable events venue situated in the heart of the Lancashire countryside.

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Chewton Glen

A quintessentially English luxury Country House Hotel & Spa on the fringe of the New Forest.

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Bombay Saphire

Based at Laverstoke mill in rural Hampshire. This Distillery venue is the perfect incentive experience.

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