Factors To Consider When Selecting a Heritage Venue

Publish Date :04 Nov,2021 - 11:00 AM

There are many factors that need to be considered when hosting an event in a Heritage venue and this post couldn’t be more timely with the current Coalition of the Parties (COP26) taking place in Glasgow. We should always consider our events impacts when selecting a venue. This includes our environmental impacts (we'll cover this in a future post).
Whether it’s a museum, church or derelict castle, there are many considerations to ensure the safe keeping of a venue and to understand if it’s the appropriate choice for your event. We’ve detailed four key factors below:


It's crucial to have an understanding of the sound levels emitted at your event. Sound causes vibrations that can impact the surroundings, this is particularly true in older less stable structures or where delicate and valuable objects are homed. The vibrations can cause toppling of valuable artefacts (Museums & Galleries), can shatter delicate glass (Churches) and erode decaying structures (Castles) Decibel limits can also be more pronounced when using a venue which has older wooden flooring.


It goes without saying that in heritage venues you must be careful. This is particularly true with production. For example, it’s rare you can expect to erect or mount anything that could cause a permanent mark. Another thing to consider is access/egress for manoeuvring large production items, many old buildings will not have a goods lift and dragging a flight case over precious flooring could be a no go.

Food and Beverage

You must also consider your food and beverage requirements. Some venues simply won’t allow any food or beverages where as others will restrict the kinds you can have. For example many galleries won’t allow red wine in the fear of spillage which could result in permanent staining. Similarly greasy foods are off the cards for many venues. A lot of venues also won’t have a kitchen on site and will not allow you to build a temporary one.


With all events, you need to think carefully about which organisations you affiliate with. For example associating your event with an arms manufacture or oil giant wouldn’t be socially responsible. The venue you choose will also be conscious of the organisations they associate with, thus the organisations your event is affiliated too. For example, if you are hosting a venue within a Catholic Church, it’s unlikely they would want to associate with an event promoting an alternative religion.
Hopefully the above considerations have gave you an insight into what to consider when choosing an appropriate venue for your next event. Depending on your event and the venue there are many other specifics that should be considered. At Unlocked we are experts in sourcing heritage venues for all kinds of events. We’ve detailed two of our favourite London heritage venues below:

Banking Hall - Bank

This grand 1930s building served as the headquarters of Lloyd’s Bank until 2002 and has now been converted into a spectacular events space.

Trinity House - Tower Hill

The history of this remarkable venue is omnipresent and throughout the building, valuable paintings and antiques bear out the nation’s nautical heritage.
Next time you are looking for a venue, hone in on our expertise, allow us to analyse the factors that will impact your event and make the most of our free venue finding service.